Besieging and Support orders

05 Feb, 2012 00:31
The Support Order is supposed to have the option for supporting a Unit executing a Besiege Order. It isn't an option in the Support Order dropdown menu, and the source code doesn't seem to have any logic for it. This is somewhat exploitable.
Edited 05 Feb, 2012 00:31
05 Feb, 2012 00:38
MostHumble, to support an Unit executing a Besiege Order, you must suppot that unit to hold.
Edited 05 Feb, 2012 00:38
05 Feb, 2012 02:24
Alright, I'll make sure to do that. Give me a week or so to finish getting familiar with Django, and I may just submit a bugfix.
Edited 05 Feb, 2012 02:24
05 Feb, 2012 11:28
MostHumble, this is not a bug. It works just as intended.

However, of course you can submit any patches that you wish.
Edited 05 Feb, 2012 11:28
06 Feb, 2012 14:21
Will a unit without support start besieging an enemy garrison if the enemy garrison tries to convert or will this result in a stand-off?
Edited 06 Feb, 2012 14:21
06 Feb, 2012 14:59
The siege is always successful **unless** the besieging unit is dislodged. And the garrison needs support to be converted. So, in this case, the unit starts the siege.
Edited 06 Feb, 2012 14:59
06 Feb, 2012 15:09
Thank you.
Edited 06 Feb, 2012 15:09
06 Feb, 2012 15:36
Sorry, where I said “disbanded”, I meant to say **dislodged** (forced to retreat).
Edited 06 Feb, 2012 15:36
07 Apr, 2019 13:09

Does a successful besieging of a city require two consecutive seasons of besieging?

07 Apr, 2019 13:51