New optional rule: Storms

02 Oct, 2011 18:00
Following (, I have created a new optional rule: storms. This rule is not included in the official game and, of course, no one is obliged to use it.

It works this way:

At the end of the Summer, areas affected by storms are randomly decided (excluding Venice). This works just the same way that other natural disasters, and you can see the table in the ( An icon is used to mark this areas in the map.

The storm has two different effects on a sea area:

- A fleet in a sea area that is affected by a storm cannot convoy an army.
- If a fleet remains in an storm area at the end of Fall, it sinks and is disbanded.
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02 Oct, 2011 20:13
Thanks, in fact, the idea is not mine, but (

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31 Oct, 2017 13:49
A storm occurs in summer. Attempt to move into that area in fall.

“Fleet disbanded”.

Was it not safe to move into?
31 Oct, 2017 14:04
storms occurs in fall, and fleet must go out of that area in that fall of it will be disbanded after the orders.
31 Oct, 2017 14:22
I understand. Thank you.