New map: Seven Kingdoms

17 Dec, 2013 18:43
Un detalle tonto, pero me acabo de dar cuenta: el Valle en español es The Vale en inglés, no The Valley. smile
16 Feb, 2014 21:19
really enjoying this scenario - thanks for making.
16 Feb, 2014 22:17
Es cierto Koyo. Cambiado.
08 Dec, 2014 02:50
NIG - every time I enter this I shudder. Any chance of a different abbreviation?
08 Dec, 2014 16:21
what´s the wrong with NIG?
08 Dec, 2014 16:36
From Google: ‘A shortened form of the ancient english word “nigger”.’

In English this is a very serious word to use.

I realise that the people creating maps speak English as a second language so wanted to point it out.
08 Dec, 2014 16:48
oh my! well, i guess strider can change the “NIG” abreviature for “CITY OF COLOR”.
08 Dec, 2014 23:07
Maybe NGT…
09 Dec, 2014 00:00
To be honest, I would have never thought that an abbreviation in a map could be offensive for anyone. But, being that the case, I'm fine with changing it.

Changing it in the database is not a big deal, but I need some time to fix the graphics. Anyway, I will try to change it asap.
09 Dec, 2014 00:20
¿en serio?