Here you can find some help to use this game and to understand its mechanisms. If you can't find the answer to your question, maybe you can find it in the forum. You can also use the forum to ask any questions about the game.

User management


New user registration is free. You have only to provide a user name and a valid email to receive notifications. No other personal data are stored in the database.

If you have some problem trying to register, you can ask for help sending an email to If the problem is that you haven't received the confirmation email, please wait an hour or so before asking for help.

Managing your account

You can edit your account settings to change some things, such as your email address, your password, your preferred language or your timezone.

You can also edit your user profile to show some information about you, such as your location or a short description of yourself or your interests. Of course, you can leave this values empty.

Deleting your account

At this time, there is no link to cancel your account automatically. If you need to cancel your account, please send an email to and it will be cancelled as soon as possible. No personal data will be kept in the database.

Losing your account

This is not likely to happen, but you can lose your account if you cheat, if you abuse other users or if you make illegal or improper use of your account.


In Condottieri, karma is a measure of your commitment with the game and with other players. Basically, if you make your game actions soon, contributing to a fast paced game, you will have a high karma. However, if you forget to make your actions, you will have a low karma. A new user always start with 100 karma points. The maximum karma is 200 and the minimum is 10.

Karma has different effects in game: if you have less than 50 karma points, you will not be allowed to join games, and you will be put out of games that have not yet started. Also, your karma value is used to calculate how much time you have to play your turn in each game.

Each game has a base time (usually from half a day to two days) to play each phase. If your karma is over 100, you will have more time, while if your karma is below 100, you will have less time.

Increasing karma

You can increase your karma in three different ways:

Losing karma. Revolutions

In any phase, if the time limit is reached and you have not completed your actions, you will lose 10 points of karma. Depending on the phase, there are other effects that are explained below.

Whenever you skip a phase, other players that are not already playing the game will have the possibility to take your country. This is called a "Revolution". If this happens, you will receive a notice about it. If you skip the next phase too, the other player will take your country.

Playing the game

Detailed game rules

This game is based in Machiavelli, by Avalon Hill. Since this is a fan site, we don't have the rights to publish a copy of the rulebook. So if you don't know the rules you can try to buy the boardgame or you may ask specific questions in the forum.

Joining a game

All the games are public, and any user can join a game as long as the user has enough karma and the game has empty slots. To join a game, simply click on the appropriate link. The game will begin when the last player joins.

Creating a new game

Any user may create a new game, as long as he has enough karma. To create a game, you must choose a short name to identify it (no spaces or special characters), the time limit and one of the available scenarios. You must decide also if the players will know which user controls each country.

There are some optional rules that you may activate when creating a game. At this moment, the following options are available:

Fast games

Fast games have a much shorter time limit for playing each turn, and are meant to be finished in some hours. To create or join a fast game, you need to have a slightly high karma value, so you may not be able to play this kind of game if you are a new user.

Before creating a fast game, you should agree with other users a date and time when all these users can expend some hours to play the game. A fast game waits for new players only for 60 minutes. After this time, if there are not enough players to play the game, it will be deleted.

Fast games are played with the same rules that normal ones, and points are earned the same way. However, karma rules are not used in this games. You don't lose or earn karma, and all the players have the same time to play.

Private games

A private game is open only to users that have been invited by the creator of the game. In order to create a private game, a minimum karma of 110 is required. However, to join this kind of game, a minimum karma is not required. It's up to the creator which user he invites.

Once the game has been created, a list of invited users must be defined. It's possible to invite more users than needed but. At the same time, if too few users are invited the game won't start. As long as the game has not yet started, it's possible to invite new users.

Even the game being private, a non invited user could join it through a revolution, as usual.

Country assignation

Once the last player joins a game, all the countries in the scenario are randomly assigned.

The reinforcement phase

Depending on the cities (or money if finances are applied) you have, you will have to place new units or disband existing ones.

If the time limit is reached and you have not played this phase, either you will not place new units (if you could place them) or some of your units will be disbanded. The newest units will be disbanded first.

Special units

If "special units" are enabled in a game, you can build a unit with some special features, and that is more expensive than a regular unit. The types of special units that you can build depend on your country. You can never build a new special unit if you already have one. However, you could have more than one of this units if you bribe a special unit of other player.

In the board, special stronger units are marked with a red star, and special loyaler units are marked with two yellow coins.

Available special units (and regular units) are summarized in the following table.

Class Cost Strength Loyalty
Regular 311
Citizen militia 612
Elite mercenaries 621
Elite professionals 922

The order writing phase

In this phase you may choose one of the available orders for each of your units. If you choose no order for a unit, this unit will hold its position. Orders will be automatically resolved at the end of this phase.

If finances are being used, you may expend some of your ducats in this phase.

If the time limit is reached and you have not sent your orders, all of your units will hold their positions.


You may expend some of your ducats to affect an area or a unit in different ways. Expenses take effect just before the conflicts resolution.

Some of the expenses are 'bribes'. You can only bribe a unit that is adjacent to one of your controlled provinces or to one of your units. Note that bribes can be countered, and that you can pay more money to make the bribe more expensive to counter. Also, if a unit is affected by more than one bribe only the best paid is applied, and the money for the others is wasted.

The following is a summary of all the available expenses:

Expense Cost Bribe
Famine relief3No
Pacify rebellion12No
Conquered province to rebel9No
Home province to rebel15No
Counter bribe3+No
Disband autonomous garrison6+†Yes
Buy autonomous garrison9+†Yes
Convert garrison unit9+†Yes
Disband enemy unit12+†Yes
Buy enemy unit18+†Yes

† The minimum cost of these bribes is doubled if the bribed unit is a garrison in a major city (the ones with a number inside the circle).

The retreats phase

When one of your units is defeated in battle, it must retreat. In this phase, you have to decide where to retreat your defeated units. In the retreat form, if you choose the same area that the unit occupies, this unit will retreat to the city, and will become a garrison. Note that this option is only available if there is an empty fortified city in the area.

If the time limit is reached and you have not retreated your units, they will be disbanded.

Winning the game

The goal of the game is to control a number of cities at the end of a year. This number depends on the scenario that was chosen when the game was created. When one or more players control this number of cities, the game ends.


When a game is over, each player gets a score depending on the number of cities that he controls at the end of the game. Scores are assigned as follows:

1st player20 points
2nd player10 points
3rd player5 points
Other players0 points
Each controlled city+1 point


Anytime while playing a game you can send "letters" to other players to discuss with them about strategies or any other things.

IMPORTANT: All the messages that are sent while playing a game will be deleted when this game is over. If you want to keep a copy of any given message, you will have to copy the contents in any other place.