The end of the Western Schism (8 players)

In 1418 the Western Schism was ended after the Council of Constance and the election of Pope Martin V. The end of the rivalries in the Catholic Chuch should bring some peace to Italy but foreign ambitions over Naples could bring again the chaos.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Saluzzo, Garrison in Turin, Garrison in Tyrol, Garrison in Austria, Garrison in Savona, Garrison in Piombino, Garrison in Ferrara, Garrison in Mantua, Garrison in Montferrat, Garrison in Modena, Garrison in Tunis, Garrison in Trent, Garrison in Siena, Garrison in Bologna, Garrison in Lucca, Garrison in Ancona, Garrison in Ragusa, Garrison in Bari, Garrison in Naples
Aragon Aragon Sardinia, Palermo, Messina Army in Messina, Fleet in Sardinia, Garrison in Palermo 2 yes
Florence Florence Pisa, Pistoia, Florence, Arezzo Army in Pisa, Garrison in Florence, Army in Arezzo 3 no
France France Avignon, Marseille, Provence Garrison in Marseille, Army in Avignon, Fleet in Naples 3 no
Genoa Genoa Genoa, Fornovo, Corsica Fleet in Genoa, Fleet in Corsica, Garrison in Genoa 4 no
Milan Milan Como, Pavia, Milan, Cremona Garrison in Milan, Army in Pavia, Army in Cremona 3 no
Papacy Papacy Urbino, Patrimony, Perugia, Spoleto, Rome Garrison in Rome, Army in Perugia, Army in Rome 2 no
Turks Turks Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, Durazzo Fleet in Durazzo, Army in Albania, Garrison in Durazzo 3 yes
Venice Venice Verona, Padua, Treviso, Venice, Istria Army in Padua, Garrison in Venice, Fleet in Treviso 4 no
Cities that give additional income
Disabled areas

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