City-states (12 players)

This scenario begins with a fictional setup. Twelve players control only one city and one unit each. Life is hard for a city-state, since losing the city means losing the state, and soldiers use to like money. Winning can be really difficult without allies.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Marseille, Garrison in Saluzzo, Garrison in Genoa, Garrison in Milan, Garrison in Cremona, Garrison in Tyrol, Garrison in Venice, Garrison in Ferrara, Garrison in Florence, Garrison in Pisa, Garrison in Arezzo, Garrison in Piombino, Garrison in Perugia, Garrison in Rome, Garrison in Bari, Garrison in Durazzo, Garrison in Palermo, Garrison in Tunis
Austria Austria Austria Army in Austria 0 no
Florence Florence Siena Army in Siena 6 no
France France Avignon Army in Avignon 4 no
Genoa Genoa Lucca Army in Lucca 4 no
H. Roman Empire H. Roman Empire Mantua Army in Mantua 7 no
Milan Milan Pavia Army in Pavia 5 no
Naples Naples Naples Fleet in Naples 0 no
Papacy Papacy Ancona Army in Ancona 2 no
Savoy Savoy Savona Fleet in Savona 3 no
Spanish Empire Spanish Empire Messina Fleet in Messina 2 no
Turks Turks Ragusa Fleet in Ragusa 1 no
Venice Venice Treviso Army in Treviso 4 no
Cities that give additional income
Disabled areas

Initial map