The Death of the Duke of Milan (6 players)

Gian Galeazzo Visconti (1351 - 1402), son of Galeazzo II Visconti and Bianca of Savoy, was the first Duke of Milan (1395) and ruled the late-medieval city just before the dawn of the Renaissance. After his death in 1402, his empire fragmented as infighting among his successors wrecked Milan, partly through his division of his lands among both legitimate and illegitimate heirs.

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Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Mantua, Garrison in Saluzzo, Garrison in Rome, Garrison in Ragusa, Garrison in Lucca, Garrison in Palermo, Garrison in Montferrat, Garrison in Modena, Garrison in Ferrara, Garrison in Ancona, Garrison in Trent
Florence Florence Arezzo, Florence, Pistoia Army in Bologna, Army in Pistoia, Army in Arezzo, Army in Florence 6 no
H. Roman Empire H. Roman Empire Tyrol, Austria, Carinthia, Carniola Fleet in Croatia, Army in Austria, Army in Tyrol, Army in Carniola 5 no
Milan Milan Perugia, Siena, Piombino, Verona, Pavia, Parma, Fornovo, Cremona, Bergamo, Milan, Como Garrison in Perugia, Garrison in Siena, Garrison in Piombino, Garrison in Pisa, Garrison in Bologna, Army in Pavia, Army in Cremona, Army in Milan 7 no
Naples Naples Provence, Marseille, Messina, Aquila, Naples, Salerno, Otranto, Bari Army in Bari, Garrison in Messina, Fleet in Naples, Fleet in Marseille 4 no
Savoy Savoy Swiss, Savona, Turin, Genoa Army in Genoa, Fleet in Savona, Army in Turin, Army in Swiss 5 no
Venice Venice Padua, Treviso, Friuli, Venice, Istria, Dalmatia, Durazzo Fleet in Durazzo, Fleet in Dalmatia, Army in Treviso, Garrison in Venice, Army in Padua 5 no
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