Hegemony of the Crown of Aragon (8 players)

Alfonso V of Aragon i I of Naples has conquered the territories of Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Naples, creating a conflict with the kings of Naples owners, the Counts of Anjou-Durazzo. At this stage the condotierro Francesco Sforza began mastering the House of Sforza in Milan and is allied with the House Anjou-Durazzo, against Alfonso V. Pope Eugene IV, of Venetian origin, takes sides in favor of Alfonos V, and Venetian interests, by their conflicts with Sforza. It is also the heyday of the Duchy of Savoy, which extends its control over the nordoeste Italy.

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Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Genoa, Garrison in Lucca, Garrison in Modena, Garrison in Mantua, Garrison in Trent, Garrison in Tunis, Garrison in Ragusa
Austria Austria Tyrol, Austria, Hungary, Carinthia, Slavonia, Carniola, Croatia, Bosnia Army in Tyrol, Army in Austria, Army in Hungary, Army in Croatia 4 no
Florence Florence Pisa, Pistoia, Florence, Arezzo, Piombino, Siena Garrison in Arezzo, Fleet in Pisa, Fleet in Piombino, Army in Florence, Garrison in Siena 6 no
France France Avignon, Marseille, Provence, Albania, Durazzo Army in Avignon, Fleet in Marseille, Fleet in Durazzo, Army in Albania 2 no
Milan Milan Como, Pavia, Milan, Fornovo, Parma, Cremona Army in Milan, Garrison in Milan, Army in Pavia, Army in Cremona 6 yes
Naples Naples Capua, Naples, Aquila, Salerno, Bari, Otranto, Corsica, Sardinia, Palermo, Messina Fleet in Corsica, Fleet in Palermo, Army in Messina, Garrison in Bari, Garrison in Naples 4 yes
Papacy Papacy Ferrara, Bologna, Urbino, Patrimony, Perugia, Spoleto, Ancona, Rome Army in Bologna, Fleet in Ancona, Army in Perugia, Army in Ferrara, Army in Rome 4 no
Savoy Savoy Swiss, Savona, Saluzzo, Turin, Montferrat Army in Swiss, Army in Montferrat, Army in Saluzzo, Army in Turin, Garrison in Savona 4 no
Venice Venice Bergamo, Verona, Padua, Treviso, Friuli, Venice, Istria, Dalmatia, Herzegovina Army in Padua, Army in Treviso, Fleet in Venice, Fleet in Dalmatia 6 no
Cities that give additional income
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