The first Caliph (6 players)

The old emir Abdallah chose his grandson Abd Al-Rahman as his successor prior to his dead. Abd Al-Rahman III inherits a weak emirate near dissolution but the death of King Alfonso has divided the christian territories interrupting the leonese advance. He is decided to dominate his enemies and gather the power to recover the splendour of Cordoba.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Malaga, Garrison in Granada, Garrison in Almeria, Garrison in Oran, Garrison in Oviedo, Garrison in Denia, Garrison in Valencia, Garrison in Mallorca, Garrison in Barcelona, Garrison in Biscay, Garrison in Lisboa, Garrison in Merida, Garrison in Badajoz, Garrison in Toledo, Garrison in Pamplona, Garrison in Girona, Garrison in Avila, Garrison in Segovia, Garrison in Seville, Garrison in Ceuta
Berbers Berbers Tanger, Sala, Fes, Western Sahara Army in Tanger, Army in Sala, Army in Fes 2 no
Emirate of Cordoba Emirate of Cordoba Algeciras, Talavera, Cordoba, Évora, Alarcos Army in Seville, Garrison in Évora, Fleet in Algeciras, Garrison in Cordoba 5 no
Franks Franks Narbonne, Toulouse, Gascony, Foix Army in Narbonne, Garrison in Toulouse, Army in Foix 4 no
Galicia Galicia Porto, Braga, Compostela, Lugo, Bragança Garrison in Braga, Army in Porto, Army in Merida 3 no
Leon Leon Zamora, Leon, Burgos, Castilla, Astorga Garrison in Leon, Army in Burgos, Army in Avila 3 no
Saragossa Saragossa Lleida, Soria, Zaragoza, Tudela Garrison in Tudela, Garrison in Zaragoza, Army in Lleida 3 no
Cities that give additional income
Disabled areas

Initial map