The Bohemian Revolt (7 players)

In 1619 dies Matthias of Austria, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and Ferdinand II inherits the throne, becoming the Emperor and King of Bohemia. Ferdinand begins his crusade to restore Catholicism in the Empire. Bohemia resists his intentions, with support from Lusatia, Moravia and Silesia, which sign the Act of Confederation. The Confederation chose Frederick, Elector of the Palatinate, as new king. The Habsburgs, both from Spain and Austria, try to suffocate the Bohemian revolt with an iron fist. Meanwhile, the fragile Twelve Years' Truce between the spanish Habsburgs and the United Provinces is about to break, and the kingdom of Denmark-Norway shows its interest for the north of Germany.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Holstein, Garrison in Mecklenburg, Garrison in Pommern, Garrison in Bremen, Garrison in Osnabrück, Garrison in Mittelmark, Garrison in Köln, Garrison in Arnsberg, Garrison in Kursachsen, Garrison in Thüringen, Garrison in Hessen-Kassel, Garrison in Trier, Garrison in Würtemberg, Garrison in Alsace, Garrison in Savoy, Garrison in Valtellina, Garrison in Venice
Bavaria Bavaria Augsburg, Bavaria, Regensburg Garrison in Bavaria, Garrison in Augsburg 4 no
Bohemia Bohemia Central Bohemia, Lausitz, North Bohemia, Silesia, South Bohemia, Upper Austria Garrison in Central Bohemia, Garrison in North Bohemia, Garrison in Upper Austria 1 no
Denmark Denmark Nordjylland, Scania, Sjælland, Syddanmark Garrison in Sjælland 5 no
H. Roman Empire H. Roman Empire Carinthia, Lower Austria, Styria, Tyrol Garrison in Lower Austria, Army in Lower Austria, Army in Styria, Army in Tyrol 4 no
Palatinate Palatinate Baden, Hessen-Darnstadt, Oberpfalz, Würzburg Garrison in Baden, Garrison in Oberpfalz 3 no
Spanish Empire Spanish Empire Artois, Bravant, Flanders, Luxembourg, Milan Garrison in Flanders 0 no
United Provinces United Provinces Drenthe, Friesland, Holland, Utrecht Garrison in Holland, Garrison in Friesland 2 no
Cities that give additional income
Central Bohemia
Disabled areas
Upper Baltic

Initial map