The conquest of the Emirate (6 players)

After overthrowing the Umayyad the Abbasid Dynasty takes control of the Islamic Empire. Abd al-Rahman, the last Umayyad, conquers Cordoba and founds an independent Emirate in the Al-Andalus province. Surrounded by opponents and christian lords it won't be easy for Abd al-Rahman to consolidate his rule over the Iberian Peninsula.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Braga, Garrison in Compostela, Garrison in Badajoz, Garrison in √Čvora, Garrison in Porto, Garrison in Avila, Garrison in Ceuta, Garrison in Toledo, Garrison in Segovia, Garrison in Valencia, Garrison in Mallorca, Garrison in Almeria, Garrison in Biscay, Garrison in Tudela, Garrison in Granada, Garrison in Burgos, Garrison in Girona, Garrison in Tanger, Garrison in Leon, Garrison in Denia, Garrison in Pamplona, Garrison in Seville, Garrison in Lisboa
Abbasid Caliphate Abbasid Caliphate Melilla, Oran, Algeria Army in Murcia, Army in Oran, Fleet in Algeria 5 no
Asturias Asturias Lugo, Oviedo, Cantabria Army in Oviedo, Army in Lugo 2 no
Berbers Berbers Coimbra, Merida, Salamanca, Talavera Army in Coimbra, Garrison in Merida, Army in Talavera 2 no
Emirate of Cordoba Emirate of Cordoba Malaga, Algeciras, Cordoba Garrison in Cordoba, Army in Seville, Fleet in Malaga 4 no
Franks Franks Narbonne, Toulouse, Gascony, Foix, Roussillon Army in Narbonne, Army in Gascony, Garrison in Toulouse 2 no
Saragossa Saragossa Lleida, Barcelona, Zaragoza Garrison in Zaragoza, Army in Barcelona, Army in Albarracin 5 no
Cities that give additional income
Disabled areas

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