The Swedish Intervention (8 players)

The war of the protestant princes against the Hapsburgs seems to come to its end after the imperial armies have crushed the Bohemian Revolt and the danish retreat from the protestant cause. But the arrival of swedish troops to the continental territory could bring an unexpected turn of events.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Alsace, Garrison in Venice, Garrison in Savoy, Garrison in Bremen, Garrison in Osnabrück, Garrison in Köln, Garrison in Arnsberg, Garrison in Trier, Garrison in Hessen-Kassel, Garrison in Baden, Garrison in Oberpfalz, Garrison in Mecklenburg, Garrison in Holstein, Garrison in Lorraine, Garrison in Würtemberg
Bavaria Bavaria Augsburg, Bavaria, Regensburg, Upper Austria Garrison in Bavaria, Army in Upper Austria, Garrison in Augsburg 3 no
Denmark Denmark Nordjylland, Scania, Sjælland, Syddanmark Army in Syddanmark, Fleet in Sjælland 2 no
H. Roman Empire H. Roman Empire Carinthia, Central Bohemia, Lower Austria, North Bohemia, Silesia, South Bohemia, Styria, Tyrol Army in Oberpfalz, Army in Central Bohemia, Garrison in Lower Austria, Army in Tyrol, Fleet in Mecklenburg 4 no
Prussia Prussia Altmark, Lüttich, Mittelmark, Neumark, Pommern Army in Mittelmark, Army in Pommern 4 no
Saxony Saxony Anhalt, Kursachsen, Lausitz, Thüringen Garrison in Kursachsen, Garrison in Thüringen, Army in Lausitz 3 no
Spanish Empire Spanish Empire Artois, Bravant, Flanders, Luxembourg, Milan, Valtellina Garrison in Milan, Army in Flanders, Army in Baden, Army in Luxembourg 2 no
Sweden Sweden Gotland, Halland, Småland, Vorpommern Fleet in Central Baltic, Army in Småland, Army in Vorpommern 6 no
United Provinces United Provinces Drenthe, Friesland, Holland, Utrecht Army in Holland, Army in Utrecht, Fleet in Friesland 4 no
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