Unification Wars (6 players)

The collapse of the Almoravid Empire defeated by the combined action of the christian kingdoms in the peninsula and the Almohads in Africa have created a power vacuum. In the north the king Alfonso VII tries to unify the kingdoms of Castilla and Leon and has been crowned Imperator totius Hispaniae meanwhile in the south the Almohads are starting to create a new islamic empire.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in Lugo, Garrison in Compostela, Garrison in Foix, Garrison in Seville, Garrison in Cordoba, Garrison in Merida, Garrison in Évora, Garrison in Badajoz, Garrison in Mallorca, Garrison in Almeria, Garrison in Narbonne, Garrison in Toulouse, Garrison in Malaga
Almohads Almohads Granada, Algeciras, Arcos, Tanger, Ceuta, Melilla, Oran, Sala, Fes Army in Granada, Army in Fes, Fleet in Algeciras 1 no
Aragon Aragon Roussillon, Aragon, Lleida, Girona, Barcelona, Tortosa Garrison in Zaragoza, Army in Tortosa, Fleet in Barcelona 4 no
Castile Castile Oviedo, Cantabria, Zamora, Leon, Burgos, Castilla, Avila, Toledo, Segovia Army in Toledo, Garrison in Burgos, Garrison in Leon, Army in Avila 3 no
Murcia Murcia Valencia, Denia, Murcia, Villena, Jaen Garrison in Denia, Army in Jaen, Army in Murcia, Garrison in Valencia 5 no
Navarra Navarra Gascony, Biscay, Pamplona, Tudela Army in Tudela, Army in Pamplona, Army in Zaragoza 3 no
Portugal Portugal Lisboa, Coimbra, Porto, Braga, Astorga, Bragança Army in Braga, Fleet in Porto, Army in Lisboa 3 no
Cities that give additional income
Disabled areas
Western Sahara
Eastern Sahara

Initial map