Winter is Coming (6 players)

The King is dead and several major houses claim their right to the Throne. However, the bloodline is not enough to get the crown, and the pretenders need to seek the support of other houses and defeat their enemies.

Start year


Coat of arms Country Home provinces Initial setup Initial ducats Double income
Autonomous Garrison in The Gift, Garrison in The Twins, Garrison in Vale of Arryn, Garrison in The Eyrie, Garrison in Harrenhal, Garrison in Grassy Vale, Garrison in Oldtown, Garrison in Dragonstone, Garrison in King's Landing
Iron Islands Iron Islands Pyke, Great Wyk Fleet in Pyke, Garrison in Great Wyk, Fleet in Ironman's Bay 0 no
Dorne Dorne Kingsgrave, Saltshore, Sandstone, Sunspear, Yronwood Fleet in Saltshore, Army in Yronwood, Garrison in Sunspear 4 no
Stormlands Stormlands Kingswood, Storm's End, Summerhall, Tarth, Cape Wrath Garrison in Storm's End, Garrison in Summerhall, Fleet in Shipbreaker Bay 3 no
The North The North Barrowlands, Bear Island, Moat Cailin, Deepwood, Dreadfort, Karhold, Riverrun, White Harbor, Winterfell Garrison in Winterfell, Garrison in White Harbor, Garrison in Karhold, Garrison in Moat Cailin, Garrison in Deepwood, Garrison in Riverrun 2 no
The Reach The Reach The Arbor, Cider Hall, Highgarden, Hornhill, Three Towers Garrison in Highgarden, Garrison in Cider Hall, Fleet in The Arbor 4 no
Westerlands Westerlands Casterly Rock, Golden Tooth, Lannisport, Stoney Sept Garrison in Casterly Rock, Garrison in Stoney Sept, Fleet in Lannisport 4 yes
Cities that give additional income
King's Landing
Disabled areas
Disputed Lands
The Flatlands
Orange Shore

Initial map